Syndoman Cap 15 mg: Insomnia Medicine

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    Syndoman cap (15 mg). Insomnia medicine taken by patients with irregular sleep patterns. Patients should consult with a doctor before taking medication of any type and seek medical help if additional symptoms surface after taking this medication. 

    1. Product Name: 
    Syndoman Cap 15mg
    Flurazepam 15mg

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    Syndoman Cap 15mg

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      Reg.No. 042227

    Main Indications:
    Syndoman is indicated for all the usual forms of insomnia characterized by difficulty falling asleep, frequent nocturnal awakenings or early morning awakenings.
    Furthermore, Syndoman can be used effectively In patients with irregular sleeping habits and in chronic illness requiring treatment of an associated insomnia.

    Dosage and Uses:
    Because of the wide range of types of insomnia which can be treated with Syndoman, it is suggested that the dosage should be adjusted for each individual case within the recommended limits of 15 and 60 mg.
    The usual adult dosage is 30 mg before retiring. Elderly or debilitated patient should be commenced on 15 mg, in order to determine the individual response. The dosage may then be adapted as necessary.

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