Sodium Hyaluronate Eye Drops 0.15%

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    Key Features

    Sodium hyaluronate eye drops (0.15%) used for relieving dry or fatigued eyes. Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions or to get a custom quote.

    1. Product Name : Sodium Hyaluronate Wetting soln’ 0.15%

    2. Ingredient : Sodium Hyaluronate..........1.5 mg/ml

    3. Indication : Relief of dry eye symptoms or symptoms of fatigue or minor irritation, including that associated with contact lens wear.

    4. Package: 0.5 c.c.x20/Box

    5. Product description:
    Each and every blink spreads your natural tears over your eye comforting them with moisture and lubrication. Sodium Hyaluronate eye drops replicates your natural tears to provide long lasting lubrication and comfort to contact lens wearers. Each blink of your eye temporarily reduces the viscosity of the drops to help spread moisture and lubrication on the eye. A special ingredient, sodium hyaluronate, holds water molecules and slowly releases them for the eye to use.

    6. Feature:
    a. Special ingredient for long-lasting contact lens comfort.
    b. Superior lubricant and moisture retention.
    c. Fresh comfort spreads with every blink.
    d. Preservatine-free.
    e. For all types of contact lenses.
    f. Unit-dose, decrease contamination