Dipachro S.R.Film Coated Tablets

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    1. Product Name:
    Dipachro S.R.Film Coated Tablets
    Valproate 333mg 
    Valproic Acid 145mg

    2. Description:
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    Main Indications
    Dosage and Uses

    Dipachro SR F. C.

    Tab. 500mg

    Depakine Chrono

    Sanofi Winthrop

    Each Tab. Contains :

    Sodium Valproate

    Valproic acid 145mg

    It's equ. to Sodium Valproate .500mg
    In the treatment generalized or particularly with the following patterns of seizures: absence, myoclonic, tonic-clinic, atonic, mixed.

    As well as for partial epilepsy: simple or complex seizures, secondary generalized seizures, specific syndromes
    20-30mg/kg/day as a single dose or two divided intakes.