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Glidier E.R. Tab. 5mg
Name: Glidier E.R. Tab. 5mgGlipizide.......5mg  pharmaceutical raw material, medicine
Syndoman Cap 15mg
1. Product Name:  Syndoman Cap 15mg Flurazepam 15mg 2. Description: Products Product No. / Packages Ingredient / Reg. No. Main Indications Dosage and Uses Syndoman Cap 15mg [Similar Product] Dalmadorm 712650 100C     712640 &nbs
Bendopar Cap 125mg
  1. Product Name: Bendopar Cap 125mg L-dopa 100mg Benserazide 25mg   2. Description: Products Product No. / Packages Ingredient/Reg. No. Main Indications Dosage and Uses Bendopar Cap. 125mg Madopar Roche 712690 100C/Btl Each Cap. Contains : L-dopa........100mg Benseraz

About Us

Established in 1945, Taiwan Biotech is the first local pharmaceutical company in Taiwan. We have devoted over 70 years to develop and supply the superior generic drugs with an affordable and total resolution for the patient’s healthcare concern.

The products we offered cover a wide range of therapeutic categories focus on cardiovascular, CNS, diabetic, respiratory and eye care drugs. With the complete production capability in almost every dosage form you could think of like oral dosages form, blow-fill-seal injections, SVP, LVP, eye drops, TDDS patch, creams and ointments, we do OEM and customized ODM for several well-known pharmaceutical companies in Japan and USA and also expand our business in most ASEAN countries.

Our quality system meets the up-to-date regulation and has been audited by the overseas health authorities from USA, Japan, South Korea and Belarus. It will be our steady goal to continually dedicate ourselves to provide the innovative and safe pharmaceuticals to enable the patients a better life.